Glass Vacuum Lifter Hire

Glass Vacuum Lifter Hire Experts in Ireland

Kevin Keogh Crane Hire have a comprehensive range of Glass Vacuum Lifters for hire in Ireland that range in capacity from 50kg right up to 1500kg and for larger glazing units we can source Vacuum Lifters to lift heavy units.

A Vacuum Lifter can be hired with a mobile crane or mini crane/spider crane or hired independently for use your own lifting attachments. Also at Kevin Keogh Crane Hire, we can supply a full glazing service with our team of experienced fitters.

Our Vacuum Lifters can also be used for lifting and installing other non-porous materials such as concrete slabs, stone, timber paneling, plastic and stainless steel.  All our Vacuum Lifters are a dual circuit system with two pumps and two different lines so a safe system of work can be carried out.  If one line should fail for some reason then the other remaining line is capable of holding the load so it can be brought down to safety. 

Check out our most popular model the Woods MRT4 Vacuum Lifter. When it comes to glass lifting, the Woods MRT4 can rotate 90 degrees and is lockable at each quarter point and can manually be tilted 90 degrees from vertical to horizontal with an automatic locking system when tilting the glass back to its verticle position.  With its lifting capacity 320kg, the Woods MRT4 is the most widely used Vacuum Lifter we hire out.

Check out more from our range of Vacuum Lifters for hire below.  All Vacuum Lifters come with an up to date inspection certificate and are fully inspected and tested after each hire period. 


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At Kevin Keogh Cranes we offer a great range of crane hire options including mobile crane hiremini crane hirecity crane hiresmall crane hire and more. In addition, we also offer glass vacuum lifter hire and glass sucker hire services along with glass installation and glass lifting services. Haulage services are also available across Ireland. Contact us now for free advice and information.