Machinery Installation

At Kevin Keogh Crane Services, we can provide a full service for machinery moving and relocation. From the boat, warehouse, factory floor etc, we can move, lift and shift your expensive and delicate plant to it’s new location.

We work with a reputable transport company to transport oversized plant and machinery. They have a vast range of low-loaders, HIABs and trucks for the moving of abnormal loads. We our vast range of skates, jacks, and all the necessary slings and chain blocks etc we are fully equiped to move most types of machinery.

With our vast range of fleet services the plant/machinery can be picked via crane (mobile crane, HIAB or Mini crane) and transported to your premises and fully installed in it’s final location. All rigging will be carried out using the correct gear and techniques.

This work can be done by hiring just the plant needed or a Contract Lift can be organised which takes the onus off the client. All our operators and riggers are highly qualified.

We have extensive experience in moving, rigging, lifting and installing:

  • Guillotines
  • CNC Equipment
  • Lathes
  • Millers
  • Tool Room Equipment
  • Containers
  • Loading Presses
  • Woodworking Machines
  • Print Machines
  • Boiler House Plant
  • Vessels
  • Safes
  • Boats
  • Sheet Metal Equipment
  • Tool Room Gear
  • Mobile Homes.

We also provide a glazing installation service with various different vacuum lifters for hire along with one of our cranes we can handle almost any glazing installations.  We have a team of fitters experienced in both glazing and curtain wall installation (curtain walling). 

Hiab trucks and low loaders can be provided for specialised lifting and transportation requirements.


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