Kevin Keogh Crane Hire is a leading provider of machinery and general haulage services for a variety of industries. Our company is dedicated to delivering safe and efficient transportation solutions for all types of general haulage.

We specialize in the haulage of:

  • Heavy machinery.
  • Commercial air handling units.
  • Boilers.
  • Chillers.
  • Various other industrial plant and equiptment.
  • Glass and other building materials.
  • Mobile homes.
  • Telecoms units including steel and other miscellaneous material.


We also provide scrap disposal services for all of the above.

We have a fleet of well-maintained and modern vehicles that are equipped to handle all types of heavy machinery and equipment, from excavators to cranes. Our specialized vehicles and equipment, including truck mounted Hiab cranes and hydraulic ramps, ensure that your machinery is safely and securely transported to its destination.

We also have a team of expert technicians who are trained to handle and operate machinery during transportation, ensuring your machinery is in good working condition upon arrival at its destination.

At Kevin Keogh Crane Hire, we are a fully licensed haulier in Ireland, ensuring compliance with all regulations and industry standards. This allows us to provide the highest level of service and reliability to our customers, with the added peace of mind that comes with working with a professional and compliant company. Contact us today to learn more about how our licensing can benefit your business.

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At Kevin Keogh Cranes we offer a great range of crane hire options including mobile crane hiremini crane hirecity crane hiresmall crane hire and more. In addition, we also offer glass vacuum lifter hire and glass sucker hire services along with glass installation and glass lifting services. Haulage services are also available across Ireland. Contact us now for free advice and information.