Counter Balance Beams

Counter Balance Beams

While working on the new Control Tower in Dublin airport with a glazing contractor in 2018 we realised a Counter Balance Beam of some sort was needed to glaze the top sections of the Control Tower. There was no beams of this nature for to hire in Ireland and either the contractor or ourselves were looking at bringing one in from the UK for to finish the project so we designed our own beams in-house.
The largest of the beams manufactured has a maximum swl of 5000kg and a maximum overhang of 3m. As most of our beams are made to order, if you require larger dimensions/greater duties don't hesitate to contact us as we will explore each possible avenue to meet your needs. All beams are fully remote control in moving the ballast and have a duel anti-tilt device with audible alarms with complete shutdown on the second warning until the beam is lowered to safety. 

The Counter Balance Beams, particularly the CBB 250, have become extremely popular and sought after by our customers mainly for glazing and steel but we have carried some different applications with them also.

We now have four of these beams of different sizes in our hire fleet at present and are currently looking into developing a higher capacity beam. Full training is provided with the beams if the customer is operating it themselves and all beams are fully tested and certified by an independent body.


CBB 250 – Counter Balance Beam 


The CBB 250 is the latest designed and manufactured Counter Balance Beam by Kevin Keogh Crane Services. 

The CBB 250 boasts a maximum lifting capacity of 2500kg and can overhang to a maximum of 3m. 

The beam is ideal for glazing, curtain walling, cladding, etc. under overhangs. 

The beam can be used with tower cranes and mobile cranes and with its fully wireless remote control can be controlled precisely and accurately from any safe location on site by the operator. 

The beam has a fully rechargeable battery pack on board and also comes with two remote controls so one operator can attach he load at ground then a second operator can operate the beam for installation, so no time is lost waiting for an operator accessing the upper levels of the building. 

Safety features include an anti-tilt device with a built in audible alarm that sounds as soon as the beam reaches a tilt of 15 degrees in either direction. 


Technical Specification 

Safe Working Load:                 2500kg 

Maximum Overhang:               3m 

Overall Beam Weight:             1020kg 

Counterweight Control:           Rack and pinion counterweight saddle 

Power:                                       24V rechargeable battery – 110/220v battery charger 

Operation:                                 Fully wireless remote control up to a maximum of 150m 



Capacities at Various Fixed Lengths 


Length                                Capacity 

1.50m                                   2500kg 

2.00m                                   1500kg 

2.50m                                   1000kg   

3.00m                                     750kg



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