Vacuum Lifter Sales

GLG prides ourselves on finding real world solutions, to your real world problems. We know that in the glass lifting / glazing industry, there are unique building materials handling requirements at every job site. With over 20 years of experience, GLG knows how to adapt to ANY situation, and we have the handling equipment to help you. Check out our range of Glazing Robots for sale or hire.  Demonstrations can be given of our products if desired.

GlassLift 250

Loading capacity: 250 kg

Overall weight: 410 kg

Maximum width: 820 mm

Machine length: 2070/1520 mm

Maximum height: 2720 mm

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GlassLift 360

Loading capacity: 360 kg

Overall weight: 894 kg

Minimum width: 620 mm

Machine length: 2000 mm

Boom length: 1225 mm

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GlassLift 420

Loading capacity: 420 kg

Overall weight: 466 kg

Minimum width: 830 mm

Machine length: 2050 mm

Boom length: 1225 mm

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GlasLift® 350

Loading capacity: 350 kg

Overall weight: 580 kg

Machine width: 840 mm

Machine length: 2600/1800 mm

Machine height: 2680/1240 mm

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GlasLift® 500

Loading capacity 500 kg

Own weight 1410 kg

Machine width 950 mm

Machine length 3500 mm

Machine height 1900 mm

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GlassLift 550

Loading capacity 550 kg

Own weight 1450 kg

Machine max width 1163 mm

Machine min length 2288 mm

Machine min height 1230 mm

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GlassLift 680

Loading capacity: 680 kg

Overall weight: 1675 kg

Minimum width: 845 mm

Machine length: 2645 mm

Boom length: 1808 mm

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Gerenuk® 500

Loading capacity: 600kg

Overcapacity: 400%

Arm Mounting Depth: 1,500mm

Arm Projection: 420mm

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