Crane Sales

Jekko Mini/Spider Cranes and Crawler Cranes are highly inovated and packed with new ground breaking technology.  From the range of Mini/Spider Cranes to the niche Mini-Picker Cranes all the way up to the impressive JF545 articulated boom Crawler Crane Jekko offer a far greater range to the small crane market than any of its competitors.  Check out all our range for cranes for hire or sale.

JF 235

Max Lifting Weight (SWL) 6150kgs

Max Radius 23.5m

Max Height 25m

Crane Width 1600mm

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JF 365

Max Lifting Weight (SWL) 11500kgs

Max Radius 26.7m

Max Height 29.7m

Crane Width 1800mm

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JF 545

Max Lifting Weight (SWL) 15500kg

Max Radius 28m

Max Height 30m

Crane Width 1840mm

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JF 990

Max Lifting Weight (SWL) 21000kg

Max Radius 31.8m

Max Height 34.2m

Crane Width 2150mm

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Max Lifting Weight (SWL) 600kg

Max Radius 2.6m

Max Height 3.5m

Crane Width 845mm

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Max Lifting Weight (SWL) 1000kg

Max Radius 2.5m

Max Height 5m

Crane Width 995mm

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Max Lifting Weight (SWL) 2000kg

Max Radius 2.8m

Max Height 5.8m

Crane Width 2660mm

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Max Lifting Weight (SWL) 5000kg

Max Radius 6.2m

Max Height 9.5m

Crane Width 3050mm

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Max Lifting Weight (SWL) 2800kg

Max Radius 10m

Max Height 10.5m

Crane Width 730mm

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Max Lifting Weight (swl) 3200kg

Max Radius. 14.8m

Max Height. 17.3m

Crane Width. 770mm

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Max Lifting Weight (SWL) 5000kg

Max Radius 20m

Max Height 24m

Crane Width 980mm

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Max Lifting Weight (swl) 8000kg

Max Radius. 20m

Max Height. 26.6m

Crane Width. 1450mm

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