GerenukĀ® 500

The most intelligent remote controlled multi-lifter in the industry.  The Gerenuk can be used with cranes, forktrucks, hiabs and telehandlers with its own independent remote control.  

Gerenuk 500, 1100 Glass Lifting by Kevin Keogh

Key features

  • GerenukĀ® 500 is a unit with integrated electrical and hydraulic systems and is thus independent of supply from the host machine.
  • The unique head rotates and manipulates all items up to 500 kg in every direction with precision to the millimetre.
  • Very high level of safety with a 2-circuit vacuum system providing 400% overcapacity.
  • Telescopic arm with 1,500 mm mounting depth and 420 mm projection enables manipulation and mounting over balconies or through scaffolding.
  • Lifts and handles all known building materials, such as facade elements, glass, concrete elements, granite, wood, steel etc.
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Loading capacity: 600kg
Overcapacity: 400%
Arm Mounting Depth: 1,500mm
Arm Projection: 420mm

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