Max Lifting Weight (SWL) 990kg

Max Radius 6.5m

Max Height 7.5m

Crane Width 770mm

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Max Lifting Weight (SWL) 1200kg

Max Radius 9.6m

Max Height 10.7m

Crane Width 770mm

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Max Lifting Weight (SWL) 2400kg

Max Radius 11.9m

Max Height 15m

Crane Width 780mm

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Max Lifting Weight (SWL) 2700kg

Max Radius 11.2m

Max Height 18.3m

Crane Width 1100mm

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Max Lifting Weight (SWL) 4000kg

Max Radius 14.6m

Max Height 23.5m

Crane Width 1400mm

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Max Lifting Weight (SWL) 7500kg

Max Radius 20m

Max Height 26m

Crane Width 1450mm

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Key features

  • Light & versatile
  • 280° rotation
  • Extendable tracks 45°
  • Boom pressure indicator
  • Stability control system
  • Crane carrier interlock
  • Two speed tracks
  • LED working light
  • Tower lamp
  • Electric pack
  • Automatic choke
  • 2 ton – 1 sheave pulley block
  • Offset runner jib
  • Extendable tracks
  • Low marking white tracks
  • Visual angle indicator
  • Outrigger mats and tray
  • Personalized crane colour
  • Warm up kit
Column title Column title
Crane capacity  990kg
Max working radius 6.5m
Max lifting height 7.5m
Rope length (max) 53m
Dimensions (folded) 2500(l) x 770(w) x 1600(h)mm
Weight (unladen) 1450kg
Point loadings Due to the many variables involved, point loadings are only available on request